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Flo.ReaL was originally suppose to be pronounced flow-ray-all, French for the month of flowers. Yeah that didn't really work out. After my friend jokingly pronounced it flow-real it made sense. People asked me about the pronunciation and this one made people smile. It's just me authentically making cool shit with flowers.

I mostly freelance for designers in Texas and across the country. I also work on local & destination weddings under the Flo.ReaL brand. Other projects I will take on are photoshoots, editorial work, bouquets, and any other events needing flowers.

Hit us up!

Ask me about your floral needs! I'm available for weddings,  special events, photo shoots, editorial, and freelancing. Shoot me an email to get a quote or more information! I'll get back to you ASAP!

Based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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